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Latest News

Nice Bridge

The FFC’s John Monroe was among the dozens of contractors who attended the Maryland Transportation Authority’s pre-construction conference for the replacement of the Harry W Nice Bridge Improvement project.  This public construction work will be closely monitored to ensure compliance with local laws and support a just and safe completion of the project.

BWI station - bmore light rail

This past week, the FFC’s John Monroe and Katelyn Wolford attended a slew of pre-bid conferences, including repairs to Baltimore’s Metro and Light Rail systems, resurfacing on the I-95, and retrofitting the MDTA stormwater management facilities.  The FFC will monitor these important repair and improvement projects, and ensure adherence to applicable wage, apprenticeship, and safety standards.

DC water

The Foundation for Fair Contracting attended DC Water’s pre-bid meeting for the rehabilitation of a steel water main in the northeast quadrant of the city.  This publicly-funded improvement to the District will be closely monitored by the FFC to ensure compliance with applicable laws.